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We are looking forward to posting your comments, ideas and photos to share with others.  Please keep checking back to see who you might know and exchange your information and photos.







 Hi, just wanted to get things started. Here are some of my cabbage that I got started late. They seem to be doing well with the cooler weather we have been very fortunate to have.

My tomatoes and onions are doing really well also. I did have a difficult time with my radishes and carrots. I was late getting them in as well and paid the price. I have one row of radishes out of the two I planted and no carrots out of the four rows I planted.

Wish you all well in your gardening. Send us an email to show off your garden. It doesn't need to be a vegetable garden at all, flowers, fruit trees or your indoor plants will be welcome.



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Cheyenne (Lab) & Chessy (Mini-Dachshund)


The gopher caught in the trap!  


 June 7th, 2011

An update on our garden.  We have been having difficulties getting a varmint that has been terrifying our garden.  When I say our, I mean my Mini-Dachshund, Chessy and my Cat, Cheekka.  Well this morning Chessy and I had the opportunity to work on getting the crittter.  He was pulling a 18" long green onion down into his hole.  I grabbed the onion and Chessy helped out by digging the hole bigger for me to set the trap. It took about 3 hours but as the picture shows, we won the contest. Picture to the left is Chessy and also the critter we caught, still hanging around. 

Please join me in showing what is going on in your garden.

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